Format: Short Film Animated
Length: 3 minutes
Programs used: Blender, Davinci Resolve, Unreal Engine
GeeGee is an advance robot mimicking your typical teenager. Built by his human and roommate, they live together in a small apartment in 2120, Sweden. GeeGee communicates via pictures and short clips on his screen, often with humor and sarcasm.
GeeGee is a Gamer, lover of Bruce Lee and doesn't care about anything. We follow GeeGee on his morning routine with his human. They do what they always do, but this morning something is different.
From their apartment window we can see airplanes flying by and alarms going of. While GeeGee stay home and watch his favorite movie, his human rush out guns
Is this the end of the world? Or just another day at the office? lets find out!

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